Our goal is to provide affordable seminars designed at offering  sports education, professional advice and networking opportunities for parents navigating the college recruiting process. Within Ready Set Go Academy, collectively there are several courses, that include enhancing awareness on recruiting, eligibility, social media, mom’s panel, and several networking opportunities. Our instructors are former professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and most importantly parents of previous Eagle Eye Sports alumni that have a robust understanding that knowledge in sports recruiting is power. Ready Set Go Academy is interactive for both male and female parent-athletes who are interested in their student athlete participating at the collegiate level. Our main focus is to help parents-athletes and student-athletes better understand the athletic recruiting process, how the NCAA works, and help your athlete be on track to secure a potential college scholarship as early as possible. Attending Ready Set Go Academy enables a parent-athlete to be  ahead of the pack, while empowering themselves with valuable info to help their student athlete stay ahead. This seminar will be the first step in improving exposure, connecting to college coaches, and getting on the right track to securing your kids future and you becoming the ultimate Parent-Athlete.

Things You Will Learn:

  • The realities of college athletic recruiting
  • Top five steps every student-athlete should take to pursue sports in college
  • Why academics will play such a huge role in your college opportunities
  • Key recruiting mistakes everyone makes
  • College coaches pet peeves about student-athletes
  • Four recruiting facts you cannot ignore
  • Five things you can do to help you get recruited
  • Discover ways to know if you’re behind in the recruiting process
  • How your attitude can change your results
  • And much, much more


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