Successful players cradle, throw and catch consistently and efficiently. This comes with hours of practice and repetition. Whether you’re throwing against a wall or passing with a partner, the key is to get lots of touches on the ball.

RSG, is  instrumental in the development of your player’s stickwork. Encouraging players to work on cradling, throwing and catching outside of practice time will enhance their fundamental stick skills, allowing them to be more successful in practice situations. Solid fundamental stick skills will develop confidence and allow your players to better handle pressure situations in both practice and in games.

So, how do you get there?

Repetition and concentration!

Ready Set Go Clinics

  • Soft hands
  • Hand positioning is key
  • Eye on the ball
  • Roll your shoulder to catch
  • Don’t “wrap” the ball off the catch
  • Know your stick
  • Arms and hands away
  • Make an “L”
  • Remember your lower half
  • Shoulder-Shoulder-Stick
  • Utilize drop steps
  • Play fast
  • Be creative
  • Fake, fake and fake some more

Concussion Awareness

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