Fundamentals of Hitting

  1. A firm grip with the bat held by the fingers, not the palm of the hand
  2. A balanced workable stance with both eyes facing pitcher
  3. Moderate stride with the front toe closed
  4. Maintain the weight back during the stride
  5. Have the bat in the launch position when the front toe lands
  6. Start with a strong, level rotation of the hips: this pulls the knob to the ball
  7. Weight shift from firm back side to firm front side
  8. Strong wrists release the barrel to the ball
  9. Bat should be level to slightly upward through the hitting zone
  10. Keep the head still throughout

Fundamentals of Throwing

  1. Grip with light pressure, two fingers on top and edge of thumb on bottom of ball
  2. Athletic position has weight on balls of the feet, nose over toes
  3. Action begins with thumbs and palms down, throwing hand on top of ball
  4. Reverse arm swing stays even of ahead of the shoulders (never behind shoulders)
  5. Lead shoulder and lead hip pointed at the target, lead heel to the target
  6. Throwing elbow should be above the shoulder at launch
  7. Weight should be on the back leg at launch
  8. Throwing action begins with a strong, level rotation of the hips and trunk
  9. Throwing elbow and shoulders are aligned at release point
  10. Throwing motion finishes as long in time and distance as possible
  11. Pitch counts should be monitored and regulated in youth baseball.


Recommended limits for youth pitchers are as follows:

  • Avg Max. Max. Max. Max.
  • Age Pitches/game Pitches/week Pitches/season Pitches/year
  • 9-10 50 75 1000 2000
  • 11-12 75 100 1000 3000
  • 13-14 75 125 1000 3000